I am a designer based in Japan, and even as I grew up, I have always had a tremendous passion for LEGO. Over ten years ago, I began collecting LEGO sets, particularly those related to Star Wars, superheroes, and The Lord of the Rings. However, I often felt a sense of incompleteness because not every character I desired was available as a minifigure. This led me to start designing my own custom minifigures a few years ago.

Being both an avid collector of LEGO minifigures and a designer myself, I am extremely meticulous about the appearance of my custom designs. I strive to strike the perfect balance between the LEGO style and the faithful representation of the original characters. I believe that my satisfying creations can bring joy to the majority of LEGO fans.

As a newly established brand, we may not have a significant following or attention at the moment. However, we are committed to serving our customers with the spirit of a warrior, aiming to ensure every customer's satisfaction. We welcome any suggestions or inquiries from all of you.

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